Acupuncture and Pregnancy.

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Acupuncture and Fertility.

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Acupuncture – taking the fear out of a dentist’s visit or operation.

acupuncture dentistMost of us feel mildly uncomfortable, if not outright apprehensive, at the thought of a dental procedure or surgical operation. For example, surveys show that around one in five of us are very afraid of dentist visits. This fear can lead us to postpone dental treatment to the point where problems start to build up and we end up needing more work done than we might otherwise. Ouch…!

Poor dental health actually reduces our overall health too – it has been linked to heart disease and dementia – so this situation affects more than just our mouths.

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Naturopathy and Mental Health

naturopathy mental healthWe live in a stressful and busy world. Once upon a time our bodies went into fight or flight when we were chasing the woolly mammoth or sabre tooth tiger, and then we could sit back and relax and enjoy our well earned meal. Now many of us are in a constant state of stress, which leaves cortisol and adrenalin levels high and therefore contributes to a host of other problems such as cardiovascular disease, reproductive difficulties, digestive complaints and poor immunity to name a few.

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Naturopathy For Kids (1-18)

Health In The Bay Natuorpathy For KidsFirstly, what is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a generic term used to describe a philosophy of healing and wellness. It covers many different types of healing methods or modalities, some of which have been around for thousands of years.

It is an holistic approach that works with the natural healing properties of the body. This method requires a total health picture based on current symptoms, health/family history and life interactions (diet, stress, activity levels, environmental factors). Treatment is then a process which addresses the symptoms, stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms and recommends specific lifestyle changes to maintain health and wellness.



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Health In The Bay Anxiety HandsRoughly 14% of Australian adults suffer from some form of anxiety that has become an anxiety disorder.

Does everyone have anxiety?

Anxiety is a necessary biological response to perceived or real threats from the environment. Having anxiety, to a degree, is both a necessary and healthy aspect of living. Everyone has anxiety to a degree.

When does anxiety become a problem?

Anxiety becomes a problem for people when the experience of anxiety continues well past the perceived threat or problem that caused it; when the anxiety you feel about a problem is disproportionately larger than the problem actually is; when … Read more ...