What is Neuro Emotional Technique?

NET FormulaNeuro Emotional Technique or NET is a simple mind-body stress reduction intervention aimed at improving behavioral and physical problems, such as in chronic injuries, subluxations, pain, worry, anxiety, depression, etc. It was developed by an american Chiropractor, who like all Chiropractors would regularly see patients where chiropractic adjustments aren’t enough to help them with chronic pain, while also understanding that stress changes our physiology and affects our structure, and hence can lead to musculoskeletal problems.

Its common for a memory to elicit a physiological response in us, such as the example where simply thinking of a food we really enjoy … Read more ...

Why you really need to stress less

stressIn clinic, we see patients with many and varied symptoms and conditions, but when it comes to working out the root cause of these conditions, often stress features in a big way.

Stress is now a common fixture in our hectic, busy lives. Small amounts of stress that are easily resolved can be beneficial in motivating and helping us achieve our goals. However, chronic or long-term stress affects each of us differently, and it may affect the whole body in a negative way and contribute to many health complaints.

Signs of stress include:

  • Feeling any of the following – anxious,
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Silent Inflammation

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Imagine that you have slammed your finger in a door. The pain will be rapidly followed by reddening, swelling and heating up of the affected area. This kind of inflammation, whilst infuriating, is actually a good thing. Your immune system is responding to the trauma by sending white blood cells and other hormone-like substances to your finger to heal it.
But there’s another kind of inflammation, one that could be present throughout your cells and tissues, and it’s not so good. It would seem that more and more research is supporting the idea that this “silent inflammation” may be the
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Neurolink is a system of balancing the body and the physiological functioning of all its systems. The body is an amazing being that can repair and heal itself very efficiently. Sometimes due to various stressors it may not work at its optimum.
Health In The Bay breakfastNeurolink uses muscle testing to determine where there are areas of the physiology that aren’t working as ideally as it could be, and then utilises feedback to the brain about these imbalances to stimulates the brain and body to make corrections in these areas. In this way it stimulates and promotes healing and normal functioning of the body.
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